Hey we are 3dzook team!!! We are creating cool illustrated gifts, developing dzook selfie app, which will convert simple photo into the stylish illustrated portrait! We adore our job and and doing it with enthusiastic attitude. As team we have almost 3 years experience in production of various  personalized products.

So let’s  get to know each other:

Agata Badalyan
art direction, illustration, graphic design,
15 years in Art and Design
3dzook, Joomag, Giftsapp, Picsart, Tumo,
Plexonic, Reanimania 

Irina Mryan
marketing, product management, 
12 years in management, marketing,
business, customer support
3dzook, Gavrgroup, Reanimania, Wolart  

Abel Ghazinyan
Engineering, development
3 years in engineering, development
3dzook, Arloopa, Tumo

Hasmik Minsaryan

illustration, graphic design, UI/UX design
10 years in Art and Design
3dzook, Joomag, Wolart, 316News, Reanimania


If yo have any question please feel free to contact us:)