Through the thorns to the stars.

We grew up in a time when there was a state of war and a blockade in our country. This impacted the quality of our lives and, unfortunately, our education. This was before Google, and our main knowledge came from Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Azimov, King, and others. These authors shaped us and taught us not to give up and pursue our potential.

17 years ago

It was 2017 when after working for already 15 years together we decided to start 3dzook.

This was scary!

Here we are, 3 women, mothers, and wives, without proper funding or education, starting a technology start-up. Clearly, the odds are stacked against us.

That didn’t matter to us.

When people saw themselves transferred in our art style, it gave us that energy and passion to continue. Though we were struggling to keep the business afloat we were feeling richer and better from the joy and happiness we were able to provide to our customers.

This happiness kept us going.



How could we solve that? Luckily, we met our future CTO Abel. He enabled us to build an AI algorithm that helped us to make art production faster.

Today, we have secured a round of funding, are driven more than ever and will continue to push forward in delivering happiness.

We have released our web and mobile applications, and users in 100+ countries have created about 1M characters. We have made more then 500K personalized gifts!

That’s 1 new smiles we have created. And we are just getting started.

Our Values

3dzook team

The values we share in our team are:

Act with integrity: We’re honest, open, transparent, and committed to doing what’s best for our users and our company.

Enjoy the journey: We make sure to enjoy the work we do and to get the most fun out of the whole process. We do everything to make our team members feel valued and appreciated.

Make a difference every day: We constantly do our best to improve every day by overcoming new challenges, coming up with new solutions, and working step up step towards a bigger goal.

Start with the user: Our users are our top priority. Every day we’re hyper-focused on improving our product to make them love it even more. We put ourselves in our users’ shoes and try to make their experience better.

Deliver outstanding results: Our goal is to create something great by fostering innovation and team collaboration, a product that will show how great the mix of art and technology can be.